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⇒ Rockville Fish & Game – open

⇒ CREST – password required

⇒Vernon Police Explorers – password required

⇒ New England Model “A” Meet – open

⇒ CT Mufon – open

⇒ Maple St School – open

⇒ Manchester Police Activities League – open

Graybeards United – open


⇒ SWHS Music Dept  – closed

⇒ Capt Nathan Hale Middle School – closed

⇒ Buckley Bob Cats – closed

⇒ Grossi Dance Performing Arts – closed

⇒ Grossi Dance Competition Team – closed

⇒ Somers Softball – closed

⇒ Coventry Music Department – closed

⇒ Enfield Public Schools – closed

⇒ Capt Nathan Hale Middle School – closed